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EP-Technology was founded in 2001, at Wertheim in Germany, to provide the best solutions for manufacturing as a whole and electronic manufacturing in particular. We provide the best customized solutions with regard technical, economic aspects in addition to project and studies developing capacity and expectations. Our company is certified ISO 9001 VS 2008.

Furthermore, the interoperation of the EP-Technology founding German companies enabled our company to have a special competency in developing advanced engineering and management and providing economical and organizational consulting related to reasonable manufacturing. We, indeed, aim to provide you with the best solutions for electronic conversion manufacturing. Our departments (administration, technical, sales and support) work in complementary and flexible procedure to better meet your expectations.

To further develop EP-TECHNOLOGY’s activity and to start operating in the MENA region, the German founding companies decided in 2006 to implant an EP-Technology Headquarters in the area.The company regional Headquarters were thus settled in Tunisia following an in-depth study.

Moreover, in order to provide quicker and closer services to meet our customers’ expectations, our company has developed several representative offices inEgypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, KSA, UAE and Jordan. We further wish to expand our service line and extend our operation network to other countries of the region. EP-Technology plays double roles, an intermediate company in charge of marketing international and German products and representative office of their manufacturing companies in the MENA region.

EP-Technology is your best and exceptional provider of: Planning, realization and optimization of your manufacturing throughput planning, definition of automation, reasonable equipment choices for your application process, implementation, Technical training at each level of your factory

supplier choices, outsourcing management supplier audit, definition and qualification of materials Production and organization audit. We provide you with the best services and the best customized solutions. We represent, indeed, only “Made in Europe” materials, equipments and services with an after sales service.

Choose together, last forever.

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Address:05 rue jamel abdnacer Z.I BORJ CEDRIA 2055 BIR EL BEY BEN AROUS TUNISIA
Phone: +216 79 412 889