Basic model BOY 80 E

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The new machines of the "E" series are the top models of the range. Because of the servo-motor pump drive, they are superior to comparable competitors' machines. Boy has managed to achieve or even top the positive features of electro-mechanical machines while simultaneously eliminating their disadvantages. Once more, Boy has proven their leading role and innovative strength regarding energy saving technologies, achieving yet another decisive breakthrough.

Entry with high power scope

In the standard execution of this injection molding machine already a variety of functions are included.

The BOY injection molding machine equipped with the servo-motor pump drive and the Procan ALPHA ® 4 has a clamping force of 88 tons.




Technical data


Euromap size:

Clamping force:
800 kN/81 Mp/81 metric tons/ 88 US tons 

Screw diameter:
1.1, 1.26, 1.5, 1.65 in

Max. stroke volume:
10.15 in³ (theoretical)

Max. injection flow:
10.0 oz/s (theoretical)

Max. spec. injection pressure:
40,291 psi

Max. daylight between platen:
28.54 in (35.43 in)

Max. opening stroke:
18.7 in

Distance between tie bars:
16.93 x 14.17 in (h x v)

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