Automatic Insulation Stripper

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For stripping the most common standard insulations of single-strand, multi-strand and fine-strand conductors, available in two versions for cross-sectional range 0.03 to 10 mm², as well as for thin ribbon cable up to 10 mm width and for cross-sectional range 2.5 to 16.00 mm²

Stripping blades automatically adjust to the various insulation thicknesses without presetting

Automatic opening of clamping jaws after stripping

No damage to the conductors, no splitting up oft the individual conductors

Stripping length adjustable from 3 to 18 mm via length stop

Stripping pressure adjustable for hard plastic insulation

With wire cutter for multi-strand conductors up to 10 mm² and for single-strand conductors up to 6 mm²

Easily replaceable clamping jaws and stripping blades

Low weight, easy action

Casing made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Made in Germany by Rennsteig

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