Automatic Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper (MultiStrip® 10)

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Fully automatic self-adjustment to commercially available single-, multi- and fine-stranded conductors with standard insulation throughout the entire capacity range from 0.03 to 10.0 mm²

Applicable for single or multi-wire PVC-, and a large variety of 

Teflon ®- , Radox®-, or rubber-insulated cables

For wire sizes 0.03 to 10 mm² (AWG 32-8)

Solid metal clamping jaws

Length stop for preadjustment of stripping length up to 18 mm

Blade and lenght stop easy to replace

Built-in wire cutter for Cu and Al multi-wire cables up to 10mm²/AWG 8 and single-wire cables up to 6 mm²/AWG10

Tool body made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Ergonomic, two-component handles

Made in Germany by Rennsteig

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