HG 5000 E

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Heavy Duty Heat Gun with microprocessor control and high performance air output (230V). STEINEL HG 5000 E provides the ultimate in precision technology. Exclusive IntelliTemp™ control enables the user to select a target temperature to within +/- 5°F and to view actual output on the LED display. Heating elements for the HG 5000 E are easily changeable in the field and integrate SmartChip™ technology allowing the heat gun to automatically recalibrate to the new element.

DC Brushless Motor:

Guaranteed for the life of the tool. 

Available with or without heavy duty metal carrying case.

Heating Element:

  • Built-in SmartChip holds specific data.
  • 500 - 800 hours expected element life span.
  • Conveniently field changeable.
  • Onboard Microprocessor: Receives and interprets data from the SmartChip to automatically calibrate and regulate the heating element.
  • Variable Airflow: Up to 28 cfm (800 liters), 3000 Pa Air Pressure
  • Variable Temperature: Selectable from 80°F - 1100°F
  • LED Temperature Display: Indicates actual and target temperatures in 10F increments.
  • Double Insulated Power Cord: Rubber construction for increased safety. Field changeable without opening housing.
  • Outlet Tube: 50mm (approximately 2 inches)
  • Output: 3,400 watts
  • Voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Certifications: CE listed
  • Full One Year Warranty: Full One Year Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty
  • Item Number: 35025
  • Accessories Accepts a specially designed range of nozzles and accessories.
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