Metzner AM 4000 Series

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The powerful Metzner AM 4000 series stands for precision and speed for cables of up to 17.5mm diameter. Alongside the high-performance cut-to-length and insulation equipment, the machines offer particular advantages for the processing of sensor leads with PU insulators.

With outputs of up to 4,000 processed cables per hour, the AM 4000 machines are the fastest in the Metzner cable processing range. This speed is achieved by special processing technology, whereby the cut-to-length as well as the stripping of the cable ends and starts are all performed in one working cycle. This makes these machines ideally suited for all applications where cables are to be processed in large numbers and production capacity is a decisive factor. The models, with one processing head, offer a total insulation length of 105mm (AM 4200) and/or 120mm (AM 4400), whilst the AM 4300 and AM 4500, with two processing heads deliver total insulation lengths of up to 225mm and/or 260mm. Powerful but at the same time product-friendly transport belts guarantee impressive insulating performance.

All stripping operations are carried out without stretching or compression of the material. Despite the high processing speeds, the cables are handled very carefully and with high precision during the transport, cutting and insulation phases.

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