Metzner Eccentric Drive Cutting Machines

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If a die cut at very high speed is required and the pneumatic drive has reached its limit, the eccentric-drive cut opens new possibilities in terms of cutting performance.

With the Metzner ST 25, instead of a pneumatically driven cutting tool, we use an electrically-driven eccentric mechanism bearing the cutting tool. In this way, we can achieve ground-breaking guillotine cutting performance of up to 800 cuts/minute. A beneficial side effect: the electric drive enables the ST 25 to work very quietly, making this model the choice for customers in low-noise environments. 

Metzner offers for eccentric drive cutting machines two cutting modes: With the intermittent Stop-and-Go cut, the belt feeder transports the material to the exact position and stops briefly while the knife cuts through the material. Due to the brief stop, high length accuracy and a precise right-angled cut are achieved. The feeder does not stop for the continuous cutting method. The material is continuously transported and cut simultaneously. In this way, the production output can be increased. The cutting quality here is still good, but not as perfect as the intermittent Stop-and-Go cut.

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