Metzner RPA 3-SC Series

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Metzner powder press automation of the »RPA 3-SC series« automatically unload blanks from a powder press and place it quickly and gently into a definable pattern.

The transfer of each sintered plates and loading the blanks occur in the »RPA 3-SC1« by a 4-axis SCARA robot. The empty sintered plates are manually inserted into a sintering plate magazine, taken as required using a sintered plate gripper and the loading position fed. Subsequently, the robot moves to a gripper station places the sintered plate gripper picks up a part gripper and begins loading the sintered plate. This process is fully automated and in the shortest time.

In the »RPA 3-SC2« sintered plates are placed manually on a double conveyor belt. In each case a sinter plate is automatically conveyed by the conveyor belt in the loading position. The robot will immediately start loading the blanks. Loaded sintered plates are removed from the loading position and manually removed from the belt. Through this process, the plate changing time compared to the »RPA 3-SC1« is significantly reduced.

All robot-automated press are equipped with its own control (hardware and software) and a separate operating unit. All production processes can be controlled so easily, also the teach-in of new laying patterns.

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