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This 53XX bondhead BDA is the ultimate universal bondhead release. It can be used as a Ballbonder and DA or DA Wedge -Wedge Bonder tape . Simply change the bondtools and wanted to launch the software application. Z- topclamp engine is fully programmable and allows the machine to cut the thread after the second link and also to feed a reprodu - ceable queue for the next first deposit. 60 mm Z axis will help you bond sensitive applications and you can also easily link samples mounted deep packet without mechanical modifications .

. Deep Site access: Ballbonding 12mm, Wedge / Wedge up to 20 mm ( 1 " Tool) settings can be saved in the form of bonds program internal HDD This will get repearable bondresults - . even after a long time. treatment , supported by a color input screen with wheels shuttle to the programming of the machine very easy. You can create different types of curls with the manipulator . Only minimal training is required , making ball 53xx manual linking the ideal choice for the prototype , editing and small scale production .

The perfect 53xx is suitable for complex tasks obligations . It offers highest quality at the most favorable price. This machine is the right choiceyou're your so- phisticated applications.

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