Raw Materials

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Plastic Raw Materials

We devide our engineering plastics into eight  parts:  PA66, PA66 GF, PA6, PA6 GF, Advanced Plastic Composite, PC/ABS & PC/PBT, PBT/PET Composite, and PP Compound engineering plastics. With several years experiences, we have developed unique processing and technology than other same manufacturer. To provide customers with the best quality and reasonable price is our main goal.

Polystyren Raw Materials

The raw material is called Styrene. Styrene can be found nearly everywhere. in you local  food store and the local electronics stores.The plastic utensils are made of - Styrene, CD cases and cloth hangers - all made of Styrene 

EPS which means Expanded Polystyrene, starts as the small beads shown in the image to the left.

The next step in the process is to "blow" these small beads into larger beads about 50 times its original size. Depending on the density required, the beads  are blown using steam in a machine called "expander"

The expander can be a simple machine that a worker  places the raw material. and then turns on the steam, or an automatic machine. 

where the material is weighed automatically Steam, then is enables (automatically)  and then stopped.  At this stage, the beads are up to 50 times their original size.


Print Raw Materials

We offer our clients quality raw material for paint for the application in paint, printing and plastic industry. Our quality product ranges from paint additives, pigments both organic and inorganic color pigments, acrylic emulsion, metallic driers for paint and ink, alkyd resins for formulating paintings, and specialized extenders.




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