Metzner Modular Cutting Machines

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Metzner cutting machines of the »MBS series« represents outstanding flexibility in the processing of flexible and semi-rigid profiles of rubber and plastic. Different cutting processes and machine components provide cutting machines that fit flexibly and individually with customers’ requirements and are available in the shortest time with practically no development being necessary.

Many processing and cutting tasks are as varied as the materials themselves. With the MBS-System it is possible for you to combine more than 130 standard components together to fit your requirements. Just like building blocks, the appropriate elements are selected and applied. Elements like the type and number of cutting tools, length of the transport conveyor (from 200mm up to 800mm) and width (from 100mm up to 400mm), control system, feed-in device, working direction, nature of the transport conveyor surface covering and the support framework: all these are tailored to the needs and demands of the customer and the materials. Thanks to this flexibility, there are virtually no limits to meeting and satisfying your requirements.

The use of standard components makes it possible to create the MBS machines very quickly with very little further development. Modular cutting machines are thus not only matched to processing requirements but are also extremely economical and efficient. In addition, all MBS machines are equipped as standard to be fully integrated with peripheral systems such as take-off and feed mechanisms, throw-off devices and winders, printers and marking units. 

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