Ionizing Air Gun TG3, cable: 2,1 m - standard version

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Controller Size: 13,2 x 8,5 x 16,4 cm (W x H x D) 


cable/hose: 2,1 m

Quickly neutralizes static charges

Ergonomically designed features

Air pressure supply needed between 1 and 6,8 bar

For use in electronic and cleanroom manufacturing

Replaceable filter (0,01 µm)

Variable air flow (only Top Gun 3)

Ionization voltage applied only when the air flows

Ionization inherently balanced to ± 15 V

AC technology

Ozone production: 0,001 ppm (measured 45 cm in front of the unit)

AirGun: Dissipative Polycarbonate/ABS

Connecting cable: Dissipative Polyurethane

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